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Our Attractions:

"Speed Zone" Go Carts

Screaming Eagle Go Carts, with their open design, provide a sensation of speed and lots of thrills along an 850 feet of concrete track with hair pin turns and tight corners. Minimum 58" to drive alone.
"Speed Zone" Double Go Carts

Riders under 58" can experience the excitement of go carting on the "Speed Zone" alongside a grown-up in our double seat Go-carts. Same great track. Drivers taking a child MUST be a minimum of 16 years of age AND have a valid license; two adults cannot ride together. Child must be 3 years old and a minimum of 45 pounds.
"Splash Zone" Bumper Boats

Squeals, splashes and the patented "Super Squirter" guns makes our electric boats a favorite activity at the Zone. Motor around in crystal clear water in one of Ohio's largest bumper boat pools. 44" to drive; child 3 years old and a minimum of 45 pounds may ride with an adult.
Adventure Golf

Who doesn't like a miniature golf course, with undulating fairways, water hazards, and a hidden hole in the cave? This Par 51 Adventure Golf course is challenging enough for a serious duffer, yet provides lots of fun for 'kids' of all ages. And children under 58" get a specially discounted "Adventure Golf Jr." pass for the course.
"The Rock" Climbing Wall

The Rock is a classic outdoor climbing wall, providing an interesting climbing course for a single climber. With three different side-by-side routes, The Rock offers a competition climb for three adventure seekers with a race to the top. Minimum height is 44".
"The Wall" Rappelling Bounce

An attraction you can't find anywhere else, bouncing vertically on the Wall gives the sensation of flying for those who can master the bounces and twists. A rappelling cable hoist the rider 24 feet into the air as you rebound against a vertically placed trampoline.

The classic restored 1957 Allen Herschell Carousel offers a nostalgic reminder of earlier times for those who rode it in their youth as well as a chance to share those memories with another generation. Adults must accompany minors under 44".
Kids' Krawl

The Krawl is an 'A-Mazing' collection of tubes, slides, pits, nets and other obstacales to delight children under 58 inches tall. Located inside the air-conditioned "Adventure Arcade", children can enjoy the Kid's Krawl all day with the "Kid's Krawl" wristband . "Krawlers" must be able to walk on their own power and be out of diapers.
Adventure Snack Shop

Our snack shop, located inside our huge air conditioned Arcade, offers a wide selection of fun to eat treats and beverages to keep families well fed and cool on warm summer days. Rich and delicious soft serve ice cream with 8 yummy flavors; milkshakes and sundaes to die for.
Bungy Tramp

The Bungy tramp allows riders to jump, twist, turn and flip in a safe and harnessed environment. as parents and grandparents look on and laugh. Minimum weight 30 pounds, maximum 220 pounds.
Batting Cages

Our batting cages provide baseball and softball speeds from every level of experience, from little leaguers to the men who want to hone their 'major league' skills. The softball options including both slow and fast pitch. For your safety, no open-toed shoes permitted.
Adventure Games Arcade

The great Adventure Zone arcade is the biggest and best of any in the entire region. You'll find the newest games at The Zone, and our prizes offer the best value of any of our competitors. The cool, cool building provides a welcome break before and after outdoor attractions on warm summer days. Plenty of seating by "The Krawl" and at our Snack Shop to recharge.
Bicycle Rentals

A selection of bicycles to match every cyclist are available for rent by the hour or day. Explore the beautiful shore of Lake Erie along the dedicated bike path in Geneva State Park, or cruise the resort "Strip" from Indian Creek to the Marina.
Surry Rentals

Families and couples rent can our rent single, double, and 4-person surries to explore the strip or Geneva State Park. Rent by the hour and discover every nook and cranny of our own Geneva on the Lake resort. Valid adult driver's license and deposit required.
Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts are available at the Zone and are FULLY LICENSED vehicles to provide quick and easy transportation in and among all of the Strip's attractions between the Lodge and Township park. Drivers and renters must be over 21, have a valid driver's license, and a CREDIT (not debit) card (or cash) for deposit. Rented by the hour or full day.
The Zone ZipLine

Adventure Zone's Zipline is the most exciting attraction every added to "The Zone". Duel zip lines will launch thrill seekers from a 60 foot tower [from which you ALMOST can see Canada]. Fly for 1000 feet across the top of the park's attractions, with an exhilarating landing in the woods. Minimum 48" height, minimum rider weight 50 pounds, maximum 275 pounds.
Group Pavilion

Adventure Zone loves groups! Book a group package with us and you get our spacious pavilion free! Our group rates start at 20 or more guests, and we have catering available. We can arrange special times for larger groups. To secure a special group rate, reservations must be made 48 hours in advance.


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